September 2015 – How to Sell Popcorn When You’re No Longer an Adorable Cub Scout

Everyone knows Scouting is full of really cool activities like camping and kayaking and building robots, but like everything else on Planet Earth, it costs money. So another big part of Scouting is fundraising. It’s not too difficult when you’re a cute little Cub Scout, and you give a great big smile with those adorable chubby cheeks and start stumbling through your script. You’re just so doggone precious, people gladly buy whatever you’re selling. But what about when the Scouts get older and a little less adorable? Donovan Fisher, aka The Popcorn Scout, and his dad, Scott, with the Washington Crossing Council in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, are here to share with us Donovan’s secrets as the third highest selling Scout in 2013 with more than $23,000 in sales. Did Dad help? Let’s find out.