2016 CubCast

December 2016 - Cub Scouting Awards

Cub Scouters love awards! CubCast listener Chris Allen asked if we could do a show all about Cub Scouting awards. Well, Chris, not only do we love getting awards - we love talking about them! April Borge, den leader for Pack 62 in Lewisville, Texas, joins us for a fun discussion!

November 2016 - Using the Den Leader Guide

Here in Texas it’s 102 degrees in the shade in the summer, and that’s not very good for outdoor adventures. Or what if that historical site your den is supposed to visit is 200 miles away? There are many examples of when your Den Leader Guide suggests an outdoor adventure, but what do you do when common sense tells you to stay inside or stay closer to home?

Katie Dettmann, Cubmaster for Pack 9111 in Lakeville, Minnesota, joins us to help us figure that out. Katie led a fabulous conference at Philmont on how to facilitate a high-performing Cub Scout pack. Now she’s going to share all that great information with us right here on CubCast.

October 2016 - The Webelos Den

Besides the fact that Webelos Scouts get to wear the khaki and green uniform, there are differences between your Webelos Den and the other Cub Scout dens. For instance, do you know when to start having your Webelos Scouts use the Boy Scout salute and handshake? And there’s a bit of a shift for the parent’s role as well. So, joining us is Erica Smalls, who has served as Den Leader for all four ranks and is currently a Webelos Den Leader in Pack 387 and Scoutmaster for Troop 253 in the Longhorn Council in Ft. Worth, Texas to answer all of our Webelos Den questions.

September 2016 - Cub Scout Roundtable and Planning Guide

So have you heard there’s a new Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide? Are you confused that the guide no longer reflects the monthly pack meeting plan? Are you asking yourself, “What’s a roundtable?” Well, be confused no more as Cub Scout Adventure Program task force member Jamie Greene delights us with the joys of participating in roundtable.

August 2016 - Fulfilling the Promise

So, Cub Scout leaders, you’re probably getting ready for your big Rally Night or First-Nighter with balloons and props and the list of all the new and exciting adventures the boys will have, like fishing and camping and learning to use a bow and arrow. The boys are very excited and eager to start these new adventures! Then, you’ll awake the next morning to realize …. I’ve got to get these boys fishing and camping and teach them how to use a bow and arrow. Join us as unit commissioner John Erickson shares his secret to keeping those promises. Spoiler alert – Aaron Derr was surprised to learn he had actually just completed one of the tips.

July 2016 - Cubmaster 101

Has this happened to you? You enroll your son into the local Cub Scout pack. You volunteer to bring snacks to one meeting, then help with crafts the next, then you’re helping run the next meeting when all of a sudden, before you know it… you’re the Cubmaster! Welcome to Cubmaster 101. This familiar tale happened to Matt Janchar of Weston, Massachusetts. He’s been serving as Cubmaster of Pack 157 since 2013 and shares with us how, as a new Cubmaster, you can go from being overwhelmed to overjoyed. This particular podcast is a little longer than usual, but every minute is filled with valuable information.

June 2016 - Tips to Earning the National Den Award

The National Den Award requirements include action items such as having the den complete a service project and participate in patriotic activities. But “it seems like a lot of work,” said Cubmaster and CubCast host Aaron Derr. And CubCast, listener Aaron Talbott wanted some specific examples of the required activities. So we invited Cub Scouting Committee member Justin Dettman onto the show to give us his tips for earning the National Den Award. And, as Aaron soon found out, it’s not as difficult as he imagined.

May 2016 - Lions: The New Pilot Program

Have you heard? The Cub Scouting program has a new pilot available. Mark Logemann, director of membership growth at the National Service Center, sat down with us to share all the particulars of this new pilot called Lions, designed for kindergarten-age boys, including how it fits with the rest of the Cub Scouting program. So now we have Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, oh, my! (Come on, you knew that was coming.)

April 2016 - The Active Summertime Unit

You had a great spring recruiting effort, right? But why wait until the fall to have the boys begin the adventure? An active summertime Cub Scout den and pack will get those boys into all the fun and excitement of Cub Scouting right now. Georgia Caulkins, Cubmaster of Pack 3317 in Galesburg, Illinois, shares with us some wonderful Cub Scout summer activities, and you’ll be surprised to find out that, as a bonus, most of them require very little effort on your part.

March 2016 - Cub Scouting: The Family Program

There are lots of Cub Scouting events and activities, like pack meetings, where the whole family is encouraged to attend. But what if all the sisters and non-Cub Scout brothers want to race in the Pinewood Derby? How do you preserve the Cub Scout family program and still say “no” to the siblings who cannot participate in Cub Scout-only activities? Steve Hoskins, who works with the BSA National Service Center on claims administration for incidents that occur within packs, troops, teams, and crews, shares with us how to properly and effectively incorporate your family into your Cub Scouting program.

February 2016 - Cub Scouts and Shooting Sports

As CubCast co-host Aaron Derr says, “There’s nothing like the first time you take your son to the shooting range, and after you hear them say, ‘Always point the gun toward the target,’ your kid is the first one who spins around and the gun spins around with him and everybody has to duck.” So we thought it might be a good idea to have Dennis Kampa, author of the BALOO training, join us to explain how shooting sports can teach Cub Scouts valuable life lessons incorporating the Scout Oath and Law.

January 2016 - Preparing for the Webelos-to-Scout Transition

The Webelos-to-Scout graduation ceremony is the pinnacle of a boys’ journey through the Cub Scout program. But first, as leaders, we need to ‘do our best’ to get him excited about his new adventure as well as work with local Boy Scout troop leaders to ensure a smooth transition. Cub Scout Experience Manager, and Assistant Cubmaster of Pack 910 in Allen, Texas, Darin Kinn shares with us how we can prepare our Webelos to get ready for their transition into the Boy Scout program.