February 2020 – Why You Should be Using Scoutbook

So, many of you have probably, hopefully, heard about Scoutbook – the online tool designed to make your Scouting Leadership duties a lot easier. But we found out, although I can’t reveal our source, that some of you out there are not taking advantage of everything Scoutbook has to offer. So, we invited assistant Den Leader Michaela Monson with Pack 192 of the Longhorn Council in Fort Worth, Texas. Michaela is also the project manager for the development of Scoutbook. And we’re here to share with you all the reasons why YOU should be using Scoutbook. TRANSCRIPT


February 2020 – Cultivating New Leaders

This month, let’s talk about Cultivating New Leaders, also called Succession Planning: Having the right person in place to take over if, for whatever reason, a scoutmaster, assistant scoutmaster or committee member needs to bow out of his or her commitment. There’s a little more to it than just having the first available warm body fill the vacant slot. You need to find the right person. And we have the right person to help us figure out how to do that – Donna Ragusa, the SBSA National Committee-Recruitment and Retention Task Force Chair. TRANSCRIPT