April 2020 – Youth Protection and the BSA

April is National Youth Protection month, and the BSA takes that very seriously. We want to be sure all leaders and parents are aware of the BSA’s Youth Protection guidelines and all the steps the BSA is taking to ensure the safety of all youth. You may have heard of the Barbara Sinatra Foundation, which is dedicated to ensuring every child’s right to a normal, healthy and secure childhood. Joining us for this special episode is John Thoresen, the director of the Barbara Sinatra Foundation. John will share with us what the foundation does and how its partnership with the BSA helps to provide personal safety awareness training to all Scouts TRANSCRIPT


April 2020 – Finding Your Adventure

Whether you live in the north, south, east or west part of the grand ol’ USA, the BSA has a high-adventure base for you! And you’re not limited to going to the one near you. Each BSA high adventure base provides different adventures, so you can pick the one that’s right for you! Joining us to guide you to finding your adventure is BSA Outdoor Adventure Team member Lonnah Curry. TRANSCRIPT